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Our future is our children.

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The Ladue School District is recognized as one of the premier public-school districts in the nation and currently ranked the #1 school district in the State of Missouri. This legacy of excellence continues by hiring and retaining the most highly qualified educators. Ladue’s excellence in education ensures that children are provided with a “right-sized” learning approach rather than a "one size fits all” mentality.  


The success of every school system is directly related to parental and community involvement inside and outside the classroom. A school district is not comprised of only parents with children in district schools but is an integral part of the community as a whole. The success of a school district directly corresponds to all local households and ties us all together as a community. I will continue to advocate for this involvement and will be accessible and ready for your ideas and feedback.

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COVID-19 proved how imperative it is to have safe, mobile, and technology-focused classrooms. Our children need to be equipped with the appropriate technology, programs, and skill sets to embrace an ever-changing world without losing site of the importance of active play and its role in education.



Putting My Experience
to Work

I am a passionate father of twin boys Ben and Charlie who attend Reed Elementary School.  Both myself and my wonderful wife, Ann, and I are born and bred St. Louisans who are active Community members and local business owners. I hold a degree in Political Philosophy from the University of Kansas, and have a Master's in Public Administration from St. Louis University. I am excited to bring this skill set, passion and commitment to the Ladue School Board. I believe that there should be continued transparency on the School Board.  A fresh perspective is crucial in any existing business and organization, as well as feedback and community involvement is essential. 

I truly believe that I am the right candidate for this role as my passion for our schools, hard work, drive, and tenacity will be able to get the job done. If I am fortunate enough to earn this position, I promise to be available to all feedback and ideas, offer solutions, problem solve, and commit to accomplishing goals set by the Board. For those who know me well, know that my energy is contagious, and I am passionate about our schools and local community. I am excited about the opportunity to bring this energy to the table and serve all those that have entrusted me to be a steward of their children’s educations.  



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